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Przyjaciele30VenerdinaPrzyjacieleMoi ochroniarze36VenerdinaMoi ochroniarzeKumple24VenerdinaKumpleCat friendship 1300KaraMelekCat friendship 1Cat and dog friendship 1 (FEATURED PUZZLE)300KaraMelekCat and dog friendship 1 (FEATURED PUZZLE)Getting the Yard Work Done280rachels18Getting the Yard Work DoneI see your flan & raise you some lemon & poppyseed cakes238meikiI see your flan & raise you some lemon & poppyseed cakesCopains calin99ValerieLCopains calinBoats Love Boys Little 49443135rodetBoats Love Boys Little 494431Friends Good Will96TJourdenFriends Good WillBest friends35VenerdinaBest friendsCzerń i biel35VenerdinaCzerń i bielBest Friends~ JohnSloane II99BronwynBest Friends~ JohnSloane IIBest Friends in High Places!  300 Pieces300Best Friends in High Places! 300 PiecesDia do Amigo63PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo77PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo48PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo24PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo54PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo60PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo12PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo108PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoDia do Amigo70PattyOliveiraDia do AmigoBoa Noite Amigos!!!35PattyOliveiraBoa Noite Amigos!!!