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Soulmates photo by Lottie CCO12FadeSoulmates photo by Lottie CCO. . . He's stoned240Rookwings. . . He's stonedA little pepper for your sprouts?117meikiA little pepper for your sprouts?Las-buenas-personas-no-saben-que-lo-son117Barbara68Las-buenas-personas-no-saben-que-lo-son^ Country Friends ~ Sharon Mark35300zx^ Country Friends ~ Sharon MarkFall stroll35KarindFall stroll12670506_949879925125755_3439881045370134414_n77Ciupercuta12670506_949879925125755_3439881045370134414_nReturning to normality. Another egg for our friend238RookwingsReturning to normality. Another egg for our friendThe horror...the horror...238meikiThe horror...the horror...Even one is ONE too many...238meikiEven one is ONE too many...Neighborhood Party~ SheilaLee99BronwynNeighborhood Party~ SheilaLeeFriends Share the Joy of Autumn30marymeowFriends Share the Joy of AutumnNo boat outside, either240RookwingsNo boat outside, either14441138_1055452184573512_4176215726411467930_n77Ciupercuta14441138_1055452184573512_4176215726411467930_nOhmygod they're everywhere...240meikiOhmygod they're everywhere...Good old friend6FranquezasGood old friendNow guess what I've hidden...240RookwingsNow guess what I've hidden...Sticks & Sprouts!240meikiSticks & Sprouts!I know, I know Ladies, I'm Awesome!35NervebreakerI know, I know Ladies, I'm Awesome!BFF'S32NervebreakerBFF'SBest Buds36NervebreakerBest BudsCuddles from a Friend35NervebreakerCuddles from a FriendSo Cute35NervebreakerSo Cute...Hidden boat238Rookwings...Hidden boat