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Silver fox24PokegiraffeSilver foxFennec fox - endangered20PokegiraffeFennec fox - endangeredRed fox12patijewlRed foxfoxy60paexplorationsfoxyred fox sisters6ardenared fox sistersLittle Lavender Babies by Bridget Voth...35715ajan3Little Lavender Babies by Bridget Voth...Red fox kit from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99108auricle99Red fox kit from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99fox in the flowers15qwertzfox in the flowersGive mummy a kiss!20ninussaGive mummy a kiss!Fox in the bushes15hlinikFox in the bushesFairytale-illustrations-color-pencil-lia-selina36helenaomiFairytale-illustrations-color-pencil-lia-selina#'The X-Files' Agents Scully and Mulder20Kaboomer#'The X-Files' Agents Scully and MulderBeautiful Fox72Cookie303Beautiful Foxred fox12ardenared foxArctic fox108davisyvArctic foxRed-Fox-Theme77paexplorationsRed-Fox-ThemeAn arctic fox35puzzlesr4funAn arctic fox13310429_1785402111679263_8175955750829242569_n80Ciupercuta13310429_1785402111679263_8175955750829242569_nFox96pusselsmusselFoxFennec fox found in the Sahara of North Africa108kiosterakisFennec fox found in the Sahara of North AfricaRed fox kit40RuneRed fox kit-Shut up! /-No, you shut up!35ninussa-Shut up! /-No, you shut up!Fox with Flowers299PuzzlePrincess96Fox with FlowersGray fox40RuneGray fox