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Setting Sun35redsSetting SunAntiques35redsAntiquesOld Meets New Inuit Girls Greenland40AmyJoyOld Meets New Inuit Girls Greenland^ Fields Galore ~ Karla Gerard35300zx^ Fields Galore ~ Karla GerardBlack and white cats80andbuckBlack and white catsColorful cat90andbuckColorful catCappuccino kitty77andbuckCappuccino kittyIced coffee cat54andbuckIced coffee catAutumn holiday 2017192jocelyn04011Autumn holiday 2017Cow and two chickens folk art72andbuckCow and two chickens folk artElephant folk art90andbuckElephant folk artThree chickens folk art91andbuckThree chickens folk artMLCityDwellers web289robrMLCityDwellers web^ Winter Evening Fun ~ Susan Henke35300zx^ Winter Evening Fun ~ Susan Henke^ Red Brick House24300zx^ Red Brick HouseA Profusion of Posies~Jane Wooster-Scott99BronwynA Profusion of Posies~Jane Wooster-ScottCheckerboard Bunny80andbuckCheckerboard BunnyMEXICAN-FOLK-ART-LOVE-CAT80andbuckMEXICAN-FOLK-ART-LOVE-CATFive cats130andbuckFive catsMLoxcartonharbourfront280robrMLoxcartonharbourfronthunter painting12dankenstynehunter paintingTogether Forever~ WoosterScott100BronwynTogether Forever~ WoosterScottMl marecolt270robrMl marecoltSailor's Valentine~ Bonnie White99BronwynSailor's Valentine~ Bonnie White