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WILD GEESE, FOLLOW THE LEADER20zipnonWILD GEESE, FOLLOW THE LEADERFlock of Bohemian Waxwings - © 2015 Anne K. Elliott99TigerladyFlock of Bohemian Waxwings - © 2015 Anne K. ElliottMurmuration - starlings flocking - Tom Langlands35ospreyMurmuration - starlings flocking - Tom LanglandsAn autumn murmeration (Starlings at dusk)35WhitebeardAn autumn murmeration (Starlings at dusk)Tight 'knit' group photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ18FadeTight 'knit' group photo by Bernard Spragg. NZFlock of Birds15bodhi4meFlock of BirdsHank On The Hill150thecrazysheepladyHank On The HillFarmhouse and sheep - Germany60leoleobobeoFarmhouse and sheep - GermanyHank On Duty198thecrazysheepladyHank On Dutylandscape tale12ardenalandscape taleIndian Runner Ducks99tylerjohnjigsawIndian Runner DucksBig Birds - Ostriches60leoleobobeoBig Birds - OstrichesSnow geese migration60leoleobobeoSnow geese migrationDucklings9bodhi4meDucklingsThe Birds40KayloveThe BirdsGeorge Vicat Cole - Watching the Flock120kareldgGeorge Vicat Cole - Watching the Flock#Snow Geese & Sandhill Cranes Flock Near Socorro NM24Kaboomer#Snow Geese & Sandhill Cranes Flock Near Socorro NMFlock of Flamingos96romanticangieFlock of FlamingosFlock by Denise Nestor25aprylFlock by Denise NestorSheep flock300ReneDeDoryvilleSheep flockGeese120AmyJoyGeeseCastle (6)60ladiesrainniCastle (6)The boss96janellecarterThe bossStarlings209Starlings