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Figs!24BittypuzzleFigs!Figs120DOLOZALFigsPears, figs, cheese, berries6UncleEdwardPears, figs, cheese, berriesJuicy figs35puzzlesr4funJuicy figsFigs60GinnyBeeFigsCheese and fruit6mika7Cheese and fruitFigs300Taty73FigsCheese200VioletaBCheeseFigs, Fruit24FrogyFigs, FruitGrapes and figs6DrWhoGrapes and figsFigs and red currants6mika7Figs and red currantsFruit and cheese40carmenrFruit and cheeseFigs & Currants300Taty73Figs & CurrantsFigs300Taty73FigsFigs & Cheese300Taty73Figs & CheeseFigs & Plums300Taty73Figs & PlumsPurple and green figs80leoleobobeoPurple and green figsCheese and Fruit140VioletaBCheese and FruitFigs and grapes6NonnaFigs and grapesfigs and raki285morgain1307figs and rakiCrepes with figs300choosyleinCrepes with figs#Dreamy New Years' Table35Kaboomer#Dreamy New Years' TableFigs100DidleyDFigsFigs & Honey300Taty73Figs & Honey