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Canadian Hornet 2300LCDR1635Canadian Hornet 2Spitfire Mk 154adelsonSpitfire Mk 1MD 454 Mystère IV A French Air Force60adelsonMD 454 Mystère IV A French Air ForceMD Mystère IV French Air Force35adelsonMD Mystère IV French Air ForceSu-27P300LCDR1635Su-27PCF-18 at Prestwick300LCDR1635CF-18 at PrestwickAussie Hornet300LCDR1635Aussie HornetOld Crow300LCDR1635Old CrowFighter-tomcat-f-14240GrondiorgFighter-tomcat-f-14F-100 Super Sabre300LCDR1635F-100 Super SabreBattle of Dorne198leonidas42Battle of DorneJASDF Eagles300LCDR1635JASDF EaglesNakajima Ki-84 Frank300PotiCNakajima Ki-84 FrankMitsubishi A5M2B300PotiCMitsubishi A5M2B"Gustav 52"300LCDR1635"Gustav 52"F-15E Refueling300LCDR1635F-15E RefuelingP-40E300LCDR1635P-40EA6M3 Reisen (Zero)300LCDR1635A6M3 Reisen (Zero)Norwegian F-16300LCDR1635Norwegian F-16MiG Alley (Poland)300LCDR1635MiG Alley (Poland)Old Fighter35PhotoGuy1962Old FighterRunway45PhotoGuy1962RunwayFire Wrecker60NewkJFire WreckerSpecial paint scheme on RCAF CF-116 Freedom Fighter of 419 Sqn.91FreddijSpecial paint scheme on RCAF CF-116 Freedom Fighter of 419 Sqn.