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Barsana village Romania35caprariucarmenBarsana village Romanialovely12caprariucarmenlovelyPicket fence88sandrac103Picket fenceMarie antionette's farm150sandrac103Marie antionette's farmBlack fence130sandrac103Black fencebeautiful house6caprariucarmenbeautiful housePassing By~99BronwynPassing By~Farm Day~99BronwynFarm Day~'Good Neighbours' by John Sloane80715ajan3'Good Neighbours' by John Sloane#Tiny Thatched Circular Church12Kaboomer#Tiny Thatched Circular Church^ Terry Isaac - Garden Caretaker35300zx^ Terry Isaac - Garden CaretakerMcGavin's Farm~99BronwynMcGavin's Farm~Beautiful Texas96westtexasgalBeautiful TexasRural Landscape, West Sussex, England300Taty73Rural Landscape, West Sussex, EnglandSummer Breeze~99BronwynSummer Breeze~Wrought Iron Gate35impeccableknitsWrought Iron GateRainbow's End~ Sloane99BronwynRainbow's End~ SloaneTurning Pages Bookstore by Sherrie Crabtree48715ajan3Turning Pages Bookstore by Sherrie CrabtreeRose Cottage Lane~ Brabeau90BronwynRose Cottage Lane~ BrabeauWherwell on the Test120keepclickingpanoramioWherwell on the TestMoon Walk by John Sloane80715ajan3Moon Walk by John SloaneLighthouse at the Cape~ VanBeek99BronwynLighthouse at the Cape~ VanBeekCountry Home by Chris Miner60715ajan3Country Home by Chris MinerOld Quilt by Michael Humphries80715ajan3Old Quilt by Michael Humphries