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Art Shack~ PatriciaDavidson99BronwynArt Shack~ PatriciaDavidson^ Country Village - D. Adams28300zx^ Country Village - D. Adamshobbits village,Matamata New Zealand12ardenahobbits village,Matamata New ZealandAutumn Road12Cookie303Autumn RoadKitten-fence63nobody0Kitten-fenceJimi Hendrix Fence Painting24StacheoJimi Hendrix Fence PaintingMy first girl friend24john2My first girl friendFenced in243jwsFenced inCat-fence70nobody0Cat-fenceFall cottage96scameron262Fall cottageForgotten Pasture150DonteeForgotten Pasture^ Virginia Creeper in the Fall12300zx^ Virginia Creeper in the FallKY Stone Fence77Ruby44KY Stone FenceTiny cabin on pond in fall98scameron262Tiny cabin on pond in fallGreener Pastures150DonteeGreener Pasturestwo boxers24sadladytwo boxersThe family pet63paddlefootThe family petFlowers12QueTuVidaBrilleSiempreFlowersFench300JodelFenchPaint11300JodelPaint11^ Fall along the country fence24300zx^ Fall along the country fence3ed8f2ee4fb01621004ab506fff2f5d9The Way We Were by Paula Vaughan70TrishaLee3ed8f2ee4fb01621004ab506fff2f5d9The Way We Were by Paula VaughanLittle red house1083jwsLittle red houseamazing nature!12ardenaamazing nature!