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Building memories100BronwynBuilding memories☺♥ Summer outdoor activities...☺☺☺15Celestialflyer☺♥ Summer outdoor activities...☺☺☺Lion family running15caprariucarmenLion family runningMinions40YoungAra62MinionsIMG_252348panagis1322IMG_2523Sea bird family trio45leoleobobeoSea bird family trioCaravan Holidays by Kevin Walsh ~ POTW80715ajan3Caravan Holidays by Kevin Walsh ~ POTWThe Soldier's Departure~ Charles Hunt 1224x81388BronwynThe Soldier's Departure~ Charles Hunt 1224x81320140923_1445304820140923_144530#Family Cookouts at the Park4Kaboomer#Family Cookouts at the ParkSeaside Special~88BronwynSeaside Special~Lion family Africa6caprariucarmenLion family Africafamily picnic88sandrac103family picnicWith Grandpa in the Garden~ Jim M99BronwynWith Grandpa in the Garden~ Jim M☺♥ Playful baby elephants...9Celestialflyer☺♥ Playful baby elephants...☺♥ Ready for a good nap...☺6Celestialflyer☺♥ Ready for a good nap...☺Picnic on the Farm~99BronwynPicnic on the Farm~Vacation at the Lake~99BronwynVacation at the Lake~Fishing With Dad~99BronwynFishing With Dad~Summertime~ James Archer99BronwynSummertime~ James ArcherRustic Serenity~99BronwynRustic Serenity~Like Father Like Son~99BronwynLike Father Like Son~Treehouse of Horror XXIV45illuminaTreehouse of Horror XXIVBack In Time48benpuzzledoverBack In Time