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FAMILY TRADITION77TrishaLeeFAMILY TRADITIONElephants228LadyfingerElephantsWelcome to Hawaii120prettyswellWelcome to Hawaii☺♥ Five cuties...6Celestialflyer☺♥ Five cuties...Vintage Art by Kevin Walsh...99715ajan3Vintage Art by Kevin Walsh...Image200bamaboy420Image☺♥ Lovely family...8Celestialflyer☺♥ Lovely family...Baking Day by Val Goldfinch...80715ajan3Baking Day by Val Goldfinch...I SEE YOU8zipnonI SEE YOUSisters72WiccaSmurfSistersHappy Birthday Grandpa120prettyswellHappy Birthday GrandpaShell Seekers~99BronwynShell Seekers~It's Friday, no rules!50illuminaIt's Friday, no rules!Autumn Farmland300amonanAutumn FarmlandPicnic Outing by Daphnie Baxter99715ajan3Picnic Outing by Daphnie BaxterMoving Day120prettyswellMoving DayErnest Chiriaka - Little Spy120prettyswellErnest Chiriaka - Little SpyDave Mink - Morning Coffee120prettyswellDave Mink - Morning CoffeeCanada Geese Family - © 2015 D. E. Edwards99TigerladyCanada Geese Family - © 2015 D. E. EdwardsCocina Retro-Monique Valdeneige48carminis12Cocina Retro-Monique ValdeneigeDouglas Crockwell - Friskies120prettyswellDouglas Crockwell - FriskiesRaccoon Family100WiccaSmurfRaccoon FamilyHaddon Sundblom - After the Game120prettyswellHaddon Sundblom - After the GameHaddon Sundblom - 7Up Ad120prettyswellHaddon Sundblom - 7Up Ad