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Desert108DaughterofDarknessDesertDry Falls, NC (7)30052DHS62Dry Falls, NC (7)Sun Lakes15JeanAtHomeSun LakesVentifact Formation in Dry Valleys - Antarctica54DarlaVentifact Formation in Dry Valleys - AntarcticaVentifact Formations in Dry Valley of Antarctica48DarlaVentifact Formations in Dry Valley of AntarcticaVentifact Formation in Dry Valleys in Antarctica 442DarlaVentifact Formation in Dry Valleys in Antarctica 4Lake Joyce in McMurdo Dry Valley in Antarctica55DarlaLake Joyce in McMurdo Dry Valley in AntarcticaDry Valleys of Antarctica54DarlaDry Valleys of AntarcticaBoulders in Dry Valley of Antarctica63DarlaBoulders in Dry Valley of AntarcticaWright Valley in Antarctica77DarlaWright Valley in AntarcticaKennar Valley in Antarctica48DarlaKennar Valley in AntarcticaDry Valley in Antarctica63DarlaDry Valley in AntarcticaAntarctica Dry Valley48DarlaAntarctica Dry ValleyMcMurdo Dry Valley in Antarctica48DarlaMcMurdo Dry Valley in Antarctica8975_10202277067048377_5687049473011194599_n35yeya78975_10202277067048377_5687049473011194599_nSanta Rita Prickly Pear48swreaderSanta Rita Prickly Pear10653441_10202073145270460_5848948994710169051_n63yeya710653441_10202073145270460_5848948994710169051_nDry Tortugas96RamiDry TortugasFt. Jefferson, Dry Tortugas96RamiFt. Jefferson, Dry TortugasCoral in Reef surviving frequent hurricanes63swreaderCoral in Reef surviving frequent hurricanesDry-tortugas_2099_600x450300tripleacbDry-tortugas_2099_600x450Boat hull in drained dam, Brno, Nat Geo 201388meme53Boat hull in drained dam, Brno, Nat Geo 2013Desert Pyramids35Desert PyramidsTea Towels up to dry36kas325Tea Towels up to dry