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water drops12qwertzwater dropsTEAR DROP ROSES..156TrishaLeeTEAR DROP ROSES..wonder droplet6qwertzwonder dropletReflection In Rain Drops198gamtnwxReflection In Rain DropsSgwd Henrhyd, Coelbren. Nant Llech60swreaderSgwd Henrhyd, Coelbren. Nant Llech#Dainty Dew Drops12Kaboomer#Dainty Dew Dropsdrops of spring6qwertzdrops of springwater12qwertzwaterdrops of water6qwertzdrops of waterdrop reflection16qwertzdrop reflectionsweet water15qwertzsweet watersweet perfume12qwertzsweet perfumecolored water drop12qwertzcolored water dropbubbles water6qwertzbubbles waterwater droplets15qwertzwater dropletsdrop of water12qwertzdrop of watermacro of flowers on vine12qwertzmacro of flowers on vinewater drops6qwertzwater dropsant and water drops6qwertzant and water dropsdrops reflection12qwertzdrops reflectionpink drops15qwertzpink dropsSeven Falls - South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado70swreaderSeven Falls - South Cheyenne Canyon, ColoradoBig drop35Ioana91Big dropcolorful drops12qwertzcolorful drops