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American Girl Doll, Colonial Outfit80GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll, Colonial OutfitAmerican Girl Doll, Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Knit Cap70GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll, Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Knit CapAmerican Girl Doll Autumn Outfit80GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll Autumn OutfitAmerican Girl Doll with Curly Hair63GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll with Curly HairBlond fairy-blue Doll140Keetje56BestBlond fairy-blue DollAmerican Girl Doll Red Winter Outfit60GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll Red Winter OutfitAmerican Girl Doll, Spring Dress and Pinafore77GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll, Spring Dress and PinaforeAmerican Girl Doll Princess Outfit88GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll Princess OutfitAmerican Girl Doll, Samantha80GoldGalAmerican Girl Doll, SamanthaAutumn Waldorf dolls64CarocatAutumn Waldorf dollsAcorn Waldorf dolls64CarocatAcorn Waldorf dollsCute160jayniebbCuteParis dolls180TufaoParis dollsPuppets18patijewlPuppetsNeedle Felted Autumn Doll70GoldGalNeedle Felted Autumn DollMuñeca90VIXENMuñecaMuñecas9VIXENMuñecasMuñeca63VIXENMuñecaMuñeca72VIXENMuñecaDoll collection w-Shirley Temple35ospreyDoll collection w-Shirley TempleJapanese doll - lion tamer - early 1800s24ospreyJapanese doll - lion tamer - early 1800sDolly63IldaMaraDollyChristmas Cheers!100Winter2007Christmas Cheers!DSC_0002 (1)100Winter2007DSC_0002 (1)