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Lauren and Halsey143Lauren and HalseyOllie and Abigail198RandlerOllie and AbigailLets dance150BelannaLets danceBallroom Dancers Quickstep54trulyBallroom Dancers Quickstepfifth harmony140fifth harmonyfifth harmony - peoples choice140fifth harmony - peoples choiceBelly dance with fans12patijewlBelly dance with fansIrish Dancers24TigerjagIrish DancersBallroom Dancers Foxtrot60trulyBallroom Dancers FoxtrotMemorial for Sammy170RandlerMemorial for SammyBallroom Foxtrot Dancers63trulyBallroom Foxtrot DancersPolinisian dancers70Florie1956Polinisian dancersDance of the Zindfandels (detail) (created by Nancy Smeltzer)168AnnikeDance of the Zindfandels (detail) (created by Nancy Smeltzer)Uzbekistan traditional dance group15patijewlUzbekistan traditional dance groupBallroom Dancers70trulyBallroom DancersDanse35dhcpDanseBelly Dancer70Florie1956Belly DancerBolle & Amatriain25patijewlBolle & AmatriainBallroom Dancers Waltz54trulyBallroom Dancers Waltzroses300naxelarosesCasa do rio300naxelaCasa do riofifth harmony - I heart radio140fifth harmony - I heart radiodancing with daddy35dankenstynedancing with daddyFeeling Alright96deadfreakFeeling Alright