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0158_28629~7300158_28629~70127_a300127_aFrisky Foals140Frisky FoalsReflection and Ripples140Reflection and RipplesFat Albert and Skytrain. C-47 & C130198PoscarFat Albert and Skytrain. C-47 & C130Breitling DC-3108PoscarBreitling DC-3Ring neck pheasant136LyleKRing neck pheasantEbc1bf766a6e9d0bad6734aa75a04aaf28Ebc1bf766a6e9d0bad6734aa75a04aafA couple of Grouse144LyleKA couple of GrouseSylvan Lake South Dakota24dankenstyneSylvan Lake South DakotaSummer Country North Dakota 1440x1080 (2)24dankenstyneSummer Country North Dakota 1440x1080 (2)Busy Blue144LyleKBusy BlueMitchell corn palace60gelsominaMitchell corn palaceDolly140LyleKDollyCoyot On Hill136LyleKCoyot On HillShedding Antlers144LyleKShedding AntlersBig horn rams136LyleKBig horn ramsMy Saddle Horse  ---  "Chocolate"136LyleKMy Saddle Horse --- "Chocolate"Vamoose   --- ( a.k.a.  Ollie Jr.)35LyleKVamoose --- ( a.k.a. Ollie Jr.)Trooper140LyleKTrooperLinden tree in ND100Linden tree in NDSinglefoot144LyleKSinglefootJamestown, ND80MEGriffJamestown, NDSilver140LyleKSilver