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Birthday at the Lake~ SusanWheeler80BronwynBirthday at the Lake~ SusanWheelerBlue pink sunset view28john2Blue pink sunset viewFurnas Lake. São Miguel Island96MorvorenFurnas Lake. São Miguel Island^ Seagull Dreams ~ Bonnie White35300zx^ Seagull Dreams ~ Bonnie WhiteMoonlight Lodge~ DarrellBush99BronwynMoonlight Lodge~ DarrellBushFlorida Fishing Boat35AmyJoyFlorida Fishing BoatEat at Smiley's~ Wilfrido Limvalencia99BronwynEat at Smiley's~ Wilfrido LimvalenciaOn the water24john2On the waterBarnstable Moorings300tina46Barnstable MooringsLeaving on the Titanic300tina46Leaving on the TitanicHappy Retrievers Sitting on the Dock81GoldGalHappy Retrievers Sitting on the DockBusy Harbour~ RogerTurner99BronwynBusy Harbour~ RogerTurnerWalkway in paradise!20normaloisWalkway in paradise!Berniedockstreet240PatDavidBerniedockstreetMountains and lake136jdeakinsMountains and lakeBeach 4c-1140jmedic35Beach 4c-1Houseboat12bodhi4meHouseboatEnglish tudor on the lake96scameron262English tudor on the lakeEgger, Sherry Curiosity80docrabbitsEgger, Sherry CuriosityBb1130larryluntBb1Boats in Maine300FredgrowerBoats in Mainelazy days of summer24puzzlesr4funlazy days of summerCabin refletion99scameron262Cabin refletionCalifornia88epasatiemposCalifornia