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^ Lets eat48300zx^ Lets eatFish70mlm15Fishdinner54mlm15dinnerCheese fries100Cheese friesCheeseburger100Cheeseburgergreen pot90bonimicgreen potChicken & Wild Rice Kale Salad W/Creamy Asiago Balsamic Dressing54frostbitealleyChicken & Wild Rice Kale Salad W/Creamy Asiago Balsamic DressingEggplant pasta70bonimicEggplant pastapizza please180juliaaagpizza pleasedouble cheesey cheeseburger196juliaaagdouble cheesey cheeseburgerMacaroni and Cheese100Macaroni and CheeseClay pot cooking35SherylSherylClay pot cookinggrilled mac and cheese please195juliaaaggrilled mac and cheese pleasepesto pizza party169juliaaagpesto pizza partyCorned beef dinner70babysisCorned beef dinner^ Shamrock Tostadas48300zx^ Shamrock TostadasTart Cherry & Sage Grilled Cheese Sandwiches80frostbitealleyTart Cherry & Sage Grilled Cheese Sandwichesmac n cheese burger196juliaaagmac n cheese burgercheeseburger on a bun210juliaaagcheeseburger on a bunnacho cheese225juliaaagnacho cheesepizza pizza182juliaaagpizza pizzabrick oven pizza204juliaaagbrick oven pizzabuffalo chicken goodness196juliaaagbuffalo chicken goodnessbeer battered onion rings195juliaaagbeer battered onion rings