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laundry day56042SO70TrishaLeelaundry day56042SOFirst day of autumn96goppaFirst day of autumnMobile phone 4-20-16 00332Mobile phone 4-20-16 003Laundry day Amish Winter Farm48goosealleygalLaundry day Amish Winter FarmFine day for Boating300lauraineFine day for BoatingBora Curtir Nosso Dia :*90PattyOliveiraBora Curtir Nosso Dia :*Ficaria bravo com esta carinha40PattyOliveiraFicaria bravo com esta carinhaChamo isso de pegar touro à unha117PattyOliveiraChamo isso de pegar touro à unhaAssim são cinco minutos de silêncio6PattyOliveiraAssim são cinco minutos de silêncioA paciência de alguns animais não tem limites24PattyOliveiraA paciência de alguns animais não tem limitesA mãe nos pediu para ajudar com janelas36PattyOliveiraA mãe nos pediu para ajudar com janelas13886914_1001935473257868_8490313006781939512_n - Copy289SandyIngle13886914_1001935473257868_8490313006781939512_n - Copy13912811_1006903042761111_5609116001918581069_n - Copy300SandyIngle13912811_1006903042761111_5609116001918581069_n - CopyIndependence Day: Resurgence 1300MelphieIndependence Day: Resurgence 1The Painted Hills of Eastern Oregon80swreaderThe Painted Hills of Eastern Oregonlondon big ben brige and bus35ProRFGRlondon big ben brige and busLondon Big Ben35ProRFGRLondon Big BenLondon Eye and bus15ProRFGRLondon Eye and busA Stormy afternoon Jan Legg ©200leggie89A Stormy afternoon Jan Legg ©Windy Day Over Lighthouse Betsie Michigan USA96gamtnwxWindy Day Over Lighthouse Betsie Michigan USABeautiful Day in Copehangen Denmark99gamtnwxBeautiful Day in Copehangen DenmarkBad hair day150LESLEY7400Bad hair dayMossy Sea Stacks on Ruby Beach70swreaderMossy Sea Stacks on Ruby BeachAussie Sunrise - Jan Legg ©204leggie89Aussie Sunrise - Jan Legg ©