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Swarovski crystal35maria33Swarovski crystal^ Pink Crystal Tower ~ Chihuly24300zx^ Pink Crystal Tower ~ ChihulyNaturally forming Lemurian seed Crystal Garden-Brazil99janellecarterNaturally forming Lemurian seed Crystal Garden-BrazilTHE MAGICKAL CRYSTAL FOREST AT CHRISTIES BEACH - ADELAIDE - AUST108susanjoy88THE MAGICKAL CRYSTAL FOREST AT CHRISTIES BEACH - ADELAIDE - AUSTCrystal glasses60ArtQuarkCrystal glassesChandelier prisms99ArtQuarkChandelier prismsRainbows in Bismuth120ArtQuarkRainbows in BismuthPeridot81ArtQuarkPeridotGiant Selenite Crystals130ArtQuarkGiant Selenite CrystalsCrystal ball98ArtQuarkCrystal ballcomputer art9ardenacomputer artIl fullxfull.821830786 acx2204Il fullxfull.821830786 acx2Crystal Detail63WyoAZgalCrystal DetailPretty Table Setting35ctompkins44Pretty Table SettingStained glass window with agate300Stained glass window with agateCrystal Gayle 198599janellecarterCrystal Gayle 1985Pretty Table Setting35candyworks44Pretty Table SettingChurch of St. Remy de Baccarat35BlindTigerChurch of St. Remy de BaccaratIce Crystal198jtl467Ice CrystalPrincess20Cookie303PrincessRose Quartz63JuiceRose QuartzHoliday Buffet24LoisMountzHoliday BuffetCrystal grotto in Cobham, Surrey,54Chris58Crystal grotto in Cobham, Surrey,0457E5 28429~0280457E5 28429~0