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Ready for work16EastwoodReady for workreflections289abbyjane4realreflectionsA Spanish museum30EastwoodA Spanish museumLeaves Two200corvuscrucioLeaves Twolentil candles6hliniklentil candlesEarl252desh12EarlBrush colors96goppaBrush colorsThe one in the middle is a telephone pole!35TurtleGirlThe one in the middle is a telephone pole!Colorful Cape Town20bodhi4meColorful Cape TownPoison Ivy in autumn photo by Alan Schmierer15FadePoison Ivy in autumn photo by Alan SchmiererDistorted reality photo by Sebastian Dooris35FadeDistorted reality photo by Sebastian DoorisL'automne à la porte96ValerieLL'automne à la portecolored feathers6hlinikcolored feathersLeaves 2535KaraMelekLeaves 25Leaves 2435KaraMelekLeaves 24#Autumn Still Life170Kaboomer#Autumn Still Life#Reflection- Pinterest88Kaboomer#Reflection- Pinterest#Golden Path- Pinterest42Kaboomer#Golden Path- PinterestAutumn Colours @ Colours @ Kaufman, Autumn Fabric @ Kaufman, Autumn Fabric @ Reflection @ Pixabay...30715ajan3Autumn Reflection @ Pixabay...Autumn Yarn @ Yarn @ Berries @ Berries @ architecture24bodhi4meArmenia architecture