93 puzzles tagged chips
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Poker chips48FAKTORPoker chips^ Tortilla chips and dip35300zx^ Tortilla chips and dipFish & Chips Shop - old style96CalvadosianFish & Chips Shop - old styleFish & chips96CalvadosianFish & chipsSoups Vegetables Tomatoes Pepper Food42dankenstyneSoups Vegetables Tomatoes Pepper FoodScotcheroos24ladiesrainniScotcheroosMore steak than chips? Nice.240RookwingsMore steak than chips? Nice.Red Velvet Waffles300Taty73Red Velvet Waffles^ Peach salsa35300zx^ Peach salsaDumbing-down240RookwingsDumbing-downFrench Fries300Taty73French FriesChips and salsa63sb1981Chips and salsa^ Guacamole avocado dip and chips42300zx^ Guacamole avocado dip and chipsFEATURED RAINBOW CHIPS20zipnonFEATURED RAINBOW CHIPS8989111.0108Shinny8989111.0Poker chips180Puzzlelady1Poker chips^ Pepperoni Chips6300zx^ Pepperoni ChipsPoussin99TsumariPoussinDelicious burger and chips28kumbayeahDelicious burger and chipsfish and chips20kumbayeahfish and chipsMexican Food300Taty73Mexican FoodFish n Chips Freds Shanty NL CT48CarolannmoFish n Chips Freds Shanty NL CT^ Hot dogs and chips35300zx^ Hot dogs and chips^ Vegetable Sub Sandwich48300zx^ Vegetable Sub Sandwich