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IMG_0250 cavalier204IMG_0250 cavalierHéliot 00830Héliot 008Checking In100melodysjigsawChecking InCatchin bugs300melodysjigsawCatchin bugsBurma Road300melodysjigsawBurma RoadBird Pie300melodysjigsawBird PieBarn Dancing300melodysjigsawBarn DancingAmerican Meat Store300melodysjigsawAmerican Meat StoreAll Burned Out108melodysjigsawAll Burned OutA Present99melodysjigsawA PresentA Pie108melodysjigsawA PieA Pearch of a Day300melodysjigsawA Pearch of a DayMy Pal42DeeTeacherMomMy PalOwl Always Love You150DeeTeacherMomOwl Always Love YouMy Pal252My Pal^ Mary Charles ~ 'Wooly Meadow' Folk Art48300zx^ Mary Charles ~ 'Wooly Meadow' Folk Art^ Cavelier King48300zx^ Cavelier KingBarkley crop north150rusty356Barkley crop northFran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield54Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield^ Mary Charles ~ October Star Barn48300zx^ Mary Charles ~ October Star Barn^ Mary Charles ~ Barn Quilts48300zx^ Mary Charles ~ Barn QuiltsWisocky100cristinamotoleseWisocky^ Mary Charles ~ A Night For Treats48300zx^ Mary Charles ~ A Night For TreatsCharles Burton Barber off to school289ddubzCharles Burton Barber off to school