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Capital creek valley140shaperCapital creek valleyAlabama Capital (2)40dankenstyneAlabama Capital (2)Lhasa Tibetan Capital117gamtnwxLhasa Tibetan CapitalOslo Capital City of Norway117gamtnwxOslo Capital City of NorwayOslo Capital City of Norway117Oslo Capital City of NorwayCapital City Riga Latvia at Night117gamtnwxCapital City Riga Latvia at NightNew York State Capital USA120gamtnwxNew York State Capital USACapital Reef National Park Utah USA120gamtnwxCapital Reef National Park Utah USACapital Building Rotunda Washington DC USA120gamtnwxCapital Building Rotunda Washington DC USAWashington DC Capital Building USA120gamtnwxWashington DC Capital Building USABlue moon over Washington, NASA120ursaBlue moon over Washington, NASAHalifax (Easy)60UPRCHalifax (Easy)IMG_2683[1]300IMG_2683[1]Capitol Reef 6150traveler58Capitol Reef 6El Cairo35DymyEl CairoCherry Blossoms DC24auntpatty34Cherry Blossoms DC^ Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis, Indiana48300zx^ Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis, Indiana0911talking01 0300Sparkyslc0911talking01 0VFR Creekside150BigTaterVFR CreeksideVFR800 Ready to Roll150BigTaterVFR800 Ready to RollVFR800 Capital150BigTaterVFR800 CapitalUscap300DandelionWineUscapJerusalem40TrishadishJerusalem^ Colorado State Capital Building60300zx^ Colorado State Capital Building