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Lighted Buildings and Harbor British Columbia Canada96gamtnwxLighted Buildings and Harbor British Columbia CanadaMontréal, Exposition Pompei, Canada77puzlartMontréal, Exposition Pompei, CanadaNorthern Canada98freak111Northern CanadaCanoeing in Canada's Rockies119claudiacm1146Canoeing in Canada's RockiesRcmp120fujimarRcmpMount Tremblant Resort Canada98gamtnwxMount Tremblant Resort CanadaKelowna Resort British Columbia Canada117gamtnwxKelowna Resort British Columbia CanadaBridge on canal at Muine Bheag, Ireland 22.07.88120HerringboneBridge on canal at Muine Bheag, Ireland 22.07.88Resort Sun Peaks Canada96gamtnwxResort Sun Peaks CanadaCanada Revelstoke National Park WildflowersMeadow117claudiacm1146Canada Revelstoke National Park WildflowersMeadowCanada Common-loon-with-chicks-broodingimg 3215117claudiacm1146Canada Common-loon-with-chicks-broodingimg 3215Long pine cones - Canada60leoleobobeoLong pine cones - CanadaDSCN151390DSCN1513Warbird Rally300WatervillefirefighterWarbird RallyMontreal chinese lantern99roseinwinterMontreal chinese lanternAt The Diner300WatervillefirefighterAt The DinerHuron moccasins Bata Shoe Museum by Daderot35FadeHuron moccasins Bata Shoe Museum by DaderotVillage of LeBic Quebec Canada98gamtnwxVillage of LeBic Quebec CanadaCape D'Or Lighthouse Nova Scotia Canada108claudiacm1146Cape D'Or Lighthouse Nova Scotia CanadaCape Spear Lighthouse Newfoundland Canada108claudiacm1146Cape Spear Lighthouse Newfoundland CanadaFisgard Lighthouse British Columbia Canada117claudiacm1146Fisgard Lighthouse British Columbia CanadaLighthouse Nova Scotia Canada117claudiacm1146Lighthouse Nova Scotia CanadaPeggys Point Lighthouse Nova Scotia117claudiacm1146Peggys Point Lighthouse Nova ScotiaYoho Emerald lake6120genosYoho Emerald lake6