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Libraries - Library of Parliment 2 - Ottowa Canada221Magpie627Libraries - Library of Parliment 2 - Ottowa CanadaPeggy's Cove in Nova Scotia24StacheoPeggy's Cove in Nova ScotiaLake Louise in the Morning, Banff, Canada56Vivien2012Lake Louise in the Morning, Banff, CanadaVelvet Queen Sunflower300themindofmarieVelvet Queen SunflowerMobil Gas Station And Cafe300WatervillefirefighterMobil Gas Station And CafeBirds - Goslings and mama Canada Goose96Magpie627Birds - Goslings and mama Canada GooseChrist Church Cathedral Victoria BC300MarmeeChrist Church Cathedral Victoria BCCanada300Sweetpea2gr8CanadaSanta Fe300WatervillefirefighterSanta Fe^ Town Square, Vancouver, Canada24300zx^ Town Square, Vancouver, CanadaPyramid lake in Jasper National park, Alberta, Canada45TuptusiaPyramid lake in Jasper National park, Alberta, CanadaYoung Mans Dreams300WatervillefirefighterYoung Mans Dreams555266_pyramid_lake_jasper_national_park_alberta_canada_a_2048x135gelsomina555266_pyramid_lake_jasper_national_park_alberta_canada_a_2048x1Bait & Tackle300WatervillefirefighterBait & TackleJoe's Pic -North-Pacific-Cannery-Near-Port-Edward-BC-wp-1024x768108slygranny5Joe's Pic -North-Pacific-Cannery-Near-Port-Edward-BC-wp-1024x768Western canada54shaperWestern canadaRocky Mountaineer. train canada54shaperRocky Mountaineer. train canadaLake Louise canadian rockies54shaperLake Louise canadian rockiesBanff National Park54shaperBanff National ParkBanff, Alberta, Canada70Banff, Alberta, CanadaVancouver, Canada60Valjeane1949Vancouver, CanadaLibraries - Library of Parliment 3 - Ottowa Canada204Magpie627Libraries - Library of Parliment 3 - Ottowa CanadaMountain in Canada300JoeCopeMountain in CanadaVia Rail Canada209catlocVia Rail Canada