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MIKE'S BAIT SHACK...80TrishaLeeMIKE'S BAIT SHACK...Camping56i4c4funCampingBon Appetit150HendrikBon AppetitMile 1731 Happy Hill Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1731 Happy Hill ShelterMile 1724 Thistle Hill Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1724 Thistle Hill ShelterLookout Sunset70AmyJoyLookout Sunsetbell tents99bell tentsMarker for Recently Burned Down Tucker Johnson lean-to12AmyJoyMarker for Recently Burned Down Tucker Johnson lean-toTexel Camping300Texel CampingMile 1689 Churchill Scott Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1689 Churchill Scott ShelterPico Campfire Trout91AmyJoyPico Campfire TroutPico Campfire55AmyJoyPico CampfireMile 1687 Pico Camp Shelter35AmyJoyMile 1687 Pico Camp ShelterInside Cooper Lodge36AmyJoyInside Cooper LodgeMile 1684 Cooper Lodge for AT and Long Trail15AmyJoyMile 1684 Cooper Lodge for AT and Long TrailMile 1680 Governor Clement Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1680 Governor Clement ShelterMile 1660 Little Rock Pond Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1660 Little Rock Pond ShelterCamping238PippuzCampingBaker Peak Sunset54AmyJoyBaker Peak SunsetGriffith Lake54AmyJoyGriffith LakeMile 1651 Peru Peak Shelter12AmyJoyMile 1651 Peru Peak ShelterMile 1606 Lost Pond Camp35AmyJoyMile 1606 Lost Pond CampTepee Camping In Colorado Mountains USA120gamtnwxTepee Camping In Colorado Mountains USABascom Lodge At Greylock Summit77AmyJoyBascom Lodge At Greylock Summit