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Landscape 60 (Forest Cottage)300KaraMelekLandscape 60 (Forest Cottage)Painting Landscape 23 (Autumn)300KaraMelekPainting Landscape 23 (Autumn)Boats on the Beach300Taty73Boats on the Beach^ Log cabin in the woods49300zx^ Log cabin in the woodsWinter Landscape300Taty73Winter LandscapeLodalen210LodalenGuest House150Texasgal1571Guest HouseLog Cabin48Log CabinLandscape 52 (Winter)300KaraMelekLandscape 52 (Winter)Landscape 51 (Autumn)300KaraMelekLandscape 51 (Autumn)Landscape 50 (Forest Cottage)289KaraMelekLandscape 50 (Forest Cottage)Landscape 48300KaraMelekLandscape 48Hidden little cabin140mamileHidden little cabin^ Log cabin luxury kitchen48300zx^ Log cabin luxury kitchenCabin interior fireplace210Cabin interior fireplaceDSCF454499jrm203DSCF4544winter cabin90cristinamotolesewinter cabinP4020459108P4020459Cabin in the snow130SFDanCabin in the snowSeascape 6 (Exotic)300KaraMelekSeascape 6 (Exotic)Woody bedroom72sfranguWoody bedroomCabin bedroom56sfranguCabin bedroomSnowed In300Taty73Snowed In^ Mountain house48300zx^ Mountain house