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Lady bugs40goppaLady bugsFly, Calliphora vomitoria, 'Bluebottle', on potato leaf.12ourspudsFly, Calliphora vomitoria, 'Bluebottle', on potato leaf.Solomon's seal sawfly, Phymatocera aterrima.12ourspudsSolomon's seal sawfly, Phymatocera aterrima.My zoo- bugs35jannie1108My zoo- bugsSpring Equinox300themindofmarieSpring EquinoxCoccinella septempuncata, 'Two-spot Ladybird', on apple leaf.9ourspudsCoccinella septempuncata, 'Two-spot Ladybird', on apple leaf.Two-spot Ladybird & Ant on Bramley apple buds, Scotland.12ourspudsTwo-spot Ladybird & Ant on Bramley apple buds, Scotland.Bibio marci, 'St. Mark's Fly', on apple leaf, Herefordshire.12ourspudsBibio marci, 'St. Mark's Fly', on apple leaf, Herefordshire.Glass-Winged Butterfly54AnnikeGlass-Winged ButterflyBugs Party6mika7Bugs PartyJust Buggy54AmyJoyJust BuggyBugs Bunny300dgarbaczBugs BunnyBambillah Down Under Bugs Fabric80WyoAZgalBambillah Down Under Bugs FabricLadybug rocks9jillnjoLadybug rocks#Tulips and Lady Bugs6Kaboomer#Tulips and Lady BugsFive Bugs24TJourdenFive BugsColorful Bugs on a Leaf209danettelincolnColorful Bugs on a LeafPink Bug140danettelincolnPink BugBugs bunny72BugsbunnyBugs bunnyGlass Bugs21bodhi4meGlass BugsBusy35coolhandzzBusyBugs bunny and his guitar54BugsbunnyBugs bunny and his guitarbugs300dotty60bugsLunch54BugsbunnyLunch