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#Chinnor Oxon Thatched Cottage231Kaboomer#Chinnor Oxon Thatched Cottagemur300MuchaMorgowskamurShelf o stuff36puzzleninjaShelf o stuffOld building35babysisOld buildingBrick Wall of Castle Balga Prussia Kaliningrad Region Russia48TerriCBrick Wall of Castle Balga Prussia Kaliningrad Region RussiaSteeple brick church63goosealleygalSteeple brick churchWilliam C. Martin House, Dalton GA80WillieBWilliam C. Martin House, Dalton GATinman88sb1981TinmanSpring Lambs162joanshollfrancisSpring Lambsbrick building90Patticakebrick buildingStained glass presbyterian church window99goosealleygalStained glass presbyterian church windowPresbyterian Church detail Watkins Glen, NY99goosealleygalPresbyterian Church detail Watkins Glen, NY#Muiderslot Netherlands50Kaboomer#Muiderslot NetherlandsBuilding Patterns96ViolinaginBuilding PatternsAbandoned Brick Building Durant Oklahoma48goosealleygalAbandoned Brick Building Durant OklahomaHey, welcome home Durant OK80goosealleygalHey, welcome home Durant OKwindow reflections90Patticakewindow reflectionsWorn brick steps of a mansion in Elmira NY they look Melted80goosealleygalWorn brick steps of a mansion in Elmira NY they look MeltedFrenchtown, NJ154joanshollfrancisFrenchtown, NJstocks77PatticakestocksThe Polka Dot Palm77PatticakeThe Polka Dot PalmChowan Courthouse88PatticakeChowan Courthouse#Door Number 1, 2 or 3?224Kaboomer#Door Number 1, 2 or 3?#Wooden Door12Kaboomer#Wooden Door