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^ Chocolate waffles with berry topping24300zx^ Chocolate waffles with berry toppingBreakfast in Mexico209Leslie715Breakfast in MexicoWaffle Dessert Breakfast300ellaayeWaffle Dessert BreakfastTREI Cafe Coconut Hotcakes35jppffTREI Cafe Coconut HotcakesSunny Side Up with Herbs35jppffSunny Side Up with HerbsBreakfast108epasatiemposBreakfastUna golosa merenda45occhiverdiUna golosa merendaLebanese Breakfast36jppffLebanese BreakfastDesayuno12KurtaDesayunoBreakfast60golovinismBreakfastFull English breakfast54adelsonFull English breakfast^ Gouden ~ Yvonne Zomerdijk16300zx^ Gouden ~ Yvonne Zomerdijkpeg4x4300peg4x4peg4x4^ Healthy juice smoothies24300zx^ Healthy juice smoothiesBuffet15KurtaBuffetGigi's Donuts (Homer, AK)50BigBadG5Gigi's Donuts (Homer, AK)Belle Kitchen (Oklahoma City, OK)28BigBadG5Belle Kitchen (Oklahoma City, OK)The Donut Experiment (Greenville, SC)12BigBadG5The Donut Experiment (Greenville, SC)Strange Donuts (St. Louis, MO)30BigBadG5Strange Donuts (St. Louis, MO)The Donut Whole (Wichita, KS)24BigBadG5The Donut Whole (Wichita, KS)Bearscat Bakehouse (Bismarck, ND)45BigBadG5Bearscat Bakehouse (Bismarck, ND)Johnny O's Spudnuts (Logan, UT)40BigBadG5Johnny O's Spudnuts (Logan, UT)Guru Donuts (Boise, ID)35BigBadG5Guru Donuts (Boise, ID)Pepples Donuts (Oakland, CA)40BigBadG5Pepples Donuts (Oakland, CA)