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Huge Labrador Retriever35Huge Labrador RetrieverSperm whale35Sperm whaleSaluki35SalukiHuge bulldog36Huge bulldogBloodhound h0242Bloodhound h02Roxy Calls Shotgun!12lydthekidRoxy Calls Shotgun!Big Hero 696pixxiBig Hero 6Spinifex pigeons  - Purnululu National Park, Aust.48swreaderSpinifex pigeons - Purnululu National Park, Aust.BB16 Jury Comp24Mmoore017BB16 Jury CompBB16 Jury Comp35BB16 Jury Comp800px-UP Big Boy 4014300800px-UP Big Boy 4014Weimaraner happy36Weimaraner happyHuge great dane35Huge great daneHuge mastiff35Huge mastiffSouth Africa Roadside Ostrich120AmyJoySouth Africa Roadside OstrichLabrador Retriever sad35Labrador Retriever sadIrish-Wolfhound35Irish-Wolfhound1 selection box 40 large289oddbiddy1 selection box 40 largeGiant reticulated python35Giant reticulated pythonSue Todd - Mira and the Big Story110robrSue Todd - Mira and the Big StorySunset & Moonrise in Badlands National Park, SD70swreaderSunset & Moonrise in Badlands National Park, SDBrilliant Sunset Lights the Badlands91swreaderBrilliant Sunset Lights the BadlandsSun setting behind Chrisos Mountains63swreaderSun setting behind Chrisos MountainsRiding the Rio Grande through St. Elena's Canyon77swreaderRiding the Rio Grande through St. Elena's Canyon