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Bible verse3252victorianchic31Bible verse3Bible verse2196victorianchic31Bible verse2Psalm 51 10289victorianchic31Psalm 51 10Bible verse1300victorianchic31Bible verse1Krisztus_lencse170Krisztus_lencse~Take My Hand...70MyDustyGirl~Take My Hand...Sandy Lynam Clough -mother and daughter120Sandy Lynam Clough -mother and daughterLooky Lamb Animals24lookylambLooky Lamb AnimalsLooky Lamb Fishbowl12lookylambLooky Lamb FishbowlLooky Lamb City80lookylambLooky Lamb CityLooky Lamb Earth90lookylambLooky Lamb EarthLooky Lamb Deer30lookylambLooky Lamb DeerLooky Lamb Wave54lookylambLooky Lamb WaveKidspuzzle748lookylambKidspuzzle7Looky Lamb Bible40lookylambLooky Lamb BibleFruit of the Spirit, Joelle99anitamaedFruit of the Spirit, Joelle*September 28, 2012-Psalm 139:870MyTommyBoy*September 28, 2012-Psalm 139:8*September 27, 2012- Zechariah 4:670MyTommyBoy*September 27, 2012- Zechariah 4:6*September 26, 2012 - Genesis 1:3170MyTommyBoy*September 26, 2012 - Genesis 1:31Psalm 51 10289Psalm 51 10Books120MarilynmBooksBible130MarilynmBibleVleuels van arende36lammertjiesVleuels van arendeVerbly julle42lammertjiesVerbly julle