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The Bear Ferry120OldJimThe Bear FerryHere, listen to me20catmom040Here, listen to meBear 08150PixiBear 08Jasonsavagephotographytumblr nrnzfegw1o1sg9vcjo1 128015dankenstyneJasonsavagephotographytumblr nrnzfegw1o1sg9vcjo1 1280Jasonsavagephotographytumblr ntjrceDBEm1sg9vcjo1 128020dankenstyneJasonsavagephotographytumblr ntjrceDBEm1sg9vcjo1 1280Polar Bear198SpookymommaPolar BearBring me a coffee ...48leoleobobeoBring me a coffee ...The famous beautiful black bear.35BobbiePThe famous beautiful black bear.Safest place to be is on mama's back50BobbiePSafest place to be is on mama's backHey man it's time to run for sure50BobbiePHey man it's time to run for sureBear with long tongue208SpookymommaBear with long tongueMile 1708 Vermont Peek-a-boo Bear35AmyJoyMile 1708 Vermont Peek-a-boo Bear^ Fishing6300zx^ FishingCabin at the River~ Kinkade  2990x213699BronwynCabin at the River~ Kinkade 2990x2136Just to say hello54BobbiePJust to say helloBears Cubs Grass 43862224rodetBears Cubs Grass 438622Family Photo49ArcticmistFamily Photo#Well Loved Teddy Bear with Pink Rose20Kaboomer#Well Loved Teddy Bear with Pink RoseGrizzly Bear Cubs Holding Hands63JimbobovalsocksGrizzly Bear Cubs Holding HandsRun Forest Run!150diana473Run Forest Run!Bear99Eva54Bearteddy bear love12girlygirlteddy bear lovesummer in the north6qwertzsummer in the northpolarbears32just4fun1122polarbears