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Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area35swreaderOregon Dunes National Recreation AreaGreat Sand Dunes National Park60swreaderGreat Sand Dunes National Parkpeg4x4300peg4x4peg4x4O CANADA -  July 1 - proud to be Canadian36puzzlesr4funO CANADA - July 1 - proud to be CanadianMushroom Stroganoff sml60Mushroom Stroganoff smlRainbow after the storm50swreaderRainbow after the stormPanda 021A35KarlitosPanda 021AGigantic under-ice landscape discovered in Antarctia48swreaderGigantic under-ice landscape discovered in AntarctiaP5175636hf10246P5175636hf1024Happy skeleton, Hatay in Turkey35heringHappy skeleton, Hatay in TurkeyBear 00135KarlitosBear 001Maori wrasse fish on the Great Barrier Reef48swreaderMaori wrasse fish on the Great Barrier ReefGorgeous cactus flower45swreaderGorgeous cactus flowerWould like to be there90Charlie1934Would like to be thereLake O'Hara in Yoho National Park54swreaderLake O'Hara in Yoho National ParkLa Gomera - Garajonay National Park90swreaderLa Gomera - Garajonay National ParkLas Teresitas Beach - Santa Cruz35swreaderLas Teresitas Beach - Santa CruzIl 570xN.848375365 quxd60lantanaIl 570xN.848375365 quxdExperiencing the Grand Canyon from the Bottom Up80swreaderExperiencing the Grand Canyon from the Bottom Up5973627_700b3005973627_700b"Nope, my behind's not cold."35swreader"Nope, my behind's not cold."Chrysanthemum35ChrysanthemumExtremely unusual 12 point Snow Flake70swreaderExtremely unusual 12 point Snow FlakePlease be dolphins140shaperPlease be dolphins