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Bald Eagle snagging fish Boise River55Vivien2012Bald Eagle snagging fish Boise RiverBald Eagle48Vivien2012Bald EagleThunderstorm over Bald Mt, Ketchum42Vivien2012Thunderstorm over Bald Mt, KetchumBeautiful Bald Eagles252Cat120Beautiful Bald EaglesOld-faces-pencil-art35thislifeOld-faces-pencil-artBald Eagle in flight35BugsbunnyBald Eagle in flightBald eagle and the Pacific Ocean70carol2015Bald eagle and the Pacific OceanBirds - Bald Eagle150Magpie627Birds - Bald EagleXavier Sabata90fountaineerXavier SabataBirds - Bald Eagle96Magpie627Birds - Bald EagleBald eagle father's day card, psithyrus at deviantart psithyrus.300Bald eagle father's day card, psithyrus at deviantart psithyrus.Bald Eagle54BugsbunnyBald EagleBald eagles99chirBald eaglesIMG_966454armydad327IMG_9664Eagle48armydad327EagleBald eagle -young12patijewlBald eagle -youngCatch!35BlindTigerCatch!Bald Eagle Romeo at Sunset98BookieMDBald Eagle Romeo at SunsetBald Eagle Juliet at sunrise112BookieMDBald Eagle Juliet at sunriseCatch!24TigerjagCatch!Looking for lunch!24TigerjagLooking for lunch!Soaring Bald Eagle32BugsbunnySoaring Bald EagleBald Eagles' Nest, Hanover, PA120hnutBald Eagles' Nest, Hanover, PABald Eagle35BugsbunnyBald Eagle