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Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Warm Milk Always Puts Me to Sleep...36KaboomerYo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Warm Milk Always Puts Me to Sleep...#Land Ho!6Kaboomer#Land Ho!Portrait87180Portrait87Swan Family48GoldGalSwan FamilyBaby Hippo35GoldGalBaby HippoUntitled96UntitledBaby Pirate Knits @ Pirate Knits @ Cub80ZahariaCheetah CubBaby hippo140nette65Baby hippolittle turtle12LOXXY23little turtleSmall-baby-and-teddy-bear6KarindSmall-baby-and-teddy-bearTeddy Bear (33)18PattyOliveiraTeddy Bear (33)Teddy Bear (20)35PattyOliveiraTeddy Bear (20)Baby panda with a teddy35puzzlesr4funBaby panda with a teddy#Newborn Baby Boy with His Teddies99Kaboomer#Newborn Baby Boy with His Teddies#Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cupcakes25Kaboomer#Teddy Bear Baby Shower CupcakesVisst är jag söt som teddybjörn42MorsanVisst är jag söt som teddybjörn^ Clown face35300zx^ Clown facePortrait98182Portrait98Orangutan Mother and Babies96GoldGalOrangutan Mother and BabiesSleeping friends25smjmSleeping friendsSandales de plage96ValerieLSandales de plageBaby sleeping with little teddy-bear-HD-pic-wallpaper35ThemiguelaBaby sleeping with little teddy-bear-HD-pic-wallpaper