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Animals24AnimalsLet me lick you.210thesrdicLet me lick you.#I'm Bushed, Me Too...30Kaboomer#I'm Bushed, Me Too...#Wanna Hear a Secret?6Kaboomer#Wanna Hear a Secret?Soon you will be there60PhotolegendSoon you will be thereBaby giraffe3614donnaBaby giraffeFamily "kindness from the heart"49sherrie11Family "kindness from the heart"Tiger Cubs300TeaLeafTiger CubsKindness12hlinikKindnessABSOLUTE SERENITY...99TrishaLeeABSOLUTE SERENITY...Baby & Puppies204mizuryuuBaby & PuppiesHorned grebe carrying its chick209TinaH65Horned grebe carrying its chickBlue eyes6patijewlBlue eyesBaby friends6patijewlBaby friendsNEWBORN KITTY12zipnonNEWBORN KITTYMommy Elephant with her baby42LOXXY23Mommy Elephant with her babyAnimals-Friends136georgiabyrdAnimals-FriendsCute Baby36KarindCute BabyAfrican Elephants25WiccaSmurfAfrican ElephantsTHREE KITTENS IN A BASKET70TrishaLeeTHREE KITTENS IN A BASKETNOPE, ONE NIPPLE JUST ISNT GOING TO WORK...70TrishaLeeNOPE, ONE NIPPLE JUST ISNT GOING TO WORK...Mom baby 000007538977XSmall 1 540x405108Mom baby 000007538977XSmall 1 540x405ADORABLE DUCKLINGS15zipnonADORABLE DUCKLINGSBabies (9)88goncaBabies (9)