32 puzzles tagged audio

Gramophone35dhcpGramophonePink power180Liner89Pink powerRANA EN UNA HOJA9MaritzzaRANA EN UNA HOJA#No More Music For You!45Kaboomer#No More Music For You!Psychedelic-audio-visulization120Anima1986Psychedelic-audio-visulizationThe smiths 0 th 488KasketwerkThe smiths 0 th 4retro-turntable-orange80Kasketwerkretro-turntable-orangeCassette Tapes by 8lacknightshade98KasketwerkCassette Tapes by 8lacknightshadePuzzle ASQ49Puzzle ASQAuto Sound System285Auto Sound SystemDoctor Who - The Paradise of Death300Doctor Who - The Paradise of DeathSUB135SUB1Soundcaft VI6150Soundcaft VI6Blaqk Audio170Blaqk Audio7.17a You wish the owner had committed to a looped audio of fogh32Meeters7.17a You wish the owner had committed to a looped audio of fogh10-12-30 002 estudio B300Manzana6410-12-30 002 estudio BAntique Wire Sound Recorder160logic0047Antique Wire Sound RecorderCamtasia studio30Camtasia studio1 audil Cover BEST361 audil Cover BESTAudio Lifeform Bird Magpie180mizuryuuAudio Lifeform Bird MagpieAudio Empire9Audio EmpireVacuum Tube Circuits77AmyJoyVacuum Tube CircuitsORWO Chrome Cassette45PhotoORWO Chrome CassetteWarhol-pioneer130KasketwerkWarhol-pioneer