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Oxford, UK100mamileOxford, UKMonumento Alfonso XII Madrid299CanaeusMonumento Alfonso XII Madridcob house in park36Fadecob house in parkTaktsang-Palphug-Monastery120GerivTaktsang-Palphug-MonasteryOlympic Park, Beijin - Jian Wang96springyOlympic Park, Beijin - Jian Wang^ Duke mansion, Charlotte, NC32300zx^ Duke mansion, Charlotte, NC^ La ville de Aigonnay, France35300zx^ La ville de Aigonnay, FranceDuomo & Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy96MorvorenDuomo & Leaning Tower of Pisa, ItalyCamposanto Monumentale, Pisa77MorvorenCamposanto Monumentale, PisaTombs, Camposanto Monumentale, Pisa60MorvorenTombs, Camposanto Monumentale, PisaPastel Colours, Venice, Italy99MorvorenPastel Colours, Venice, ItalyArchi4g35Archi4gLe Quillio, Maison d'un marchand de lin, Bretagne60catlocLe Quillio, Maison d'un marchand de lin, BretagneArchi4f35Archi4fHallstatt,Austria12ardenaHallstatt,AustriaCostarica209pipistrello777Costaricaamazing house12ardenaamazing houseVinga lighthouse SWE99pirjoVinga lighthouse SWE^ Castle Combe, Cotswold, England35300zx^ Castle Combe, Cotswold, England^ Seashell House on Isla Mujeres, Mexico35300zx^ Seashell House on Isla Mujeres, MexicoHouses80carmenrHousesliving on the edge42Fadeliving on the edgeColors of Cuba8ardenaColors of CubaTallinn,Estonia12ardenaTallinn,Estonia