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Madonna of Mercy with Kneeling Friars by Fra Angelico140puzzlefanMadonna of Mercy with Kneeling Friars by Fra AngelicoThe Annunciation by Fra Angelico140puzzlefanThe Annunciation by Fra AngelicoFace of Christ by Fra Angelico140puzzlefanFace of Christ by Fra AngelicoAnnunciazione del Beato Angelico196professoreircAnnunciazione del Beato AngelicoFra Angelico, Nativité, 1441300ByzantineFra Angelico, Nativité, 1441Fra Angelico Annunciation99robrFra Angelico AnnunciationFra Angelico, Annonciation du Prado, 1430-32300ByzantineFra Angelico, Annonciation du Prado, 1430-32