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Spartan 7W Executive96OldJimSpartan 7W ExecutiveAnsett Airlines Lockheed L-188 Electra91firie1964Ansett Airlines Lockheed L-188 ElectraPlane Treehouse - Costa Rica63Valjeane1949Plane Treehouse - Costa RicaGrumman G-73 Mallard96OldJimGrumman G-73 MallardBritten-Norman BN-2A-9 Islander96OldJimBritten-Norman BN-2A-9 IslanderAirplane15NadinBgAirplaneSu-27P300LCDR1635Su-27PBAF - Marcel De Petter - Mirage V BA48adelsonBAF - Marcel De Petter - Mirage V BALonely Planet36purrydazeLonely PlanetCF-18 at Prestwick300LCDR1635CF-18 at PrestwickV35 Beechcraft Bonanza60KilliBlueV35 Beechcraft BonanzaBeech YT-34 Mentor96OldJimBeech YT-34 MentorNorthern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6 199696OldJimNorthern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6 1996Dassault MD-312 Flamant96OldJimDassault MD-312 FlamantThat's an OMG moment!36purrydazeThat's an OMG moment!B24 Liberator35adelsonB24 LiberatorAva - B-17 air combat35adelsonAva - B-17 air combatAva - FW 190 of II - JG 160adelsonAva - FW 190 of II - JG 1Ava - Phantom F-448adelsonAva - Phantom F-4BIPLANE32adelsonBIPLANEBell X-5 research acft variable-wing35adelsonBell X-5 research acft variable-wingDH98 Mosquito48adelsonDH98 MosquitoDC-9-50 Aeropostal50adelsonDC-9-50 AeropostalDassault MD 31132adelsonDassault MD 311