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South Africa70golovinismSouth AfricaCat in Morocco28StacheoCat in MoroccoEthiopian Wolves140msejenkinsEthiopian WolvesThe nomadic tribe came to Eritrea from Saudi Arabia70msejenkinsThe nomadic tribe came to Eritrea from Saudi ArabiaCathedral and the Catholic church in Asmara Eritrea120msejenkinsCathedral and the Catholic church in Asmara EritreaAfrican Pygmy-Kingfisher found in Etitrea130msejenkinsAfrican Pygmy-Kingfisher found in EtitreaAfrican Spurred Tortoise Eethiopia90msejenkinsAfrican Spurred Tortoise EethiopiaCaracal or African Lynx in Eritrea Africa99msejenkinsCaracal or African Lynx in Eritrea AfricaEritrea Africa native animals88msejenkinsEritrea Africa native animalsSal Rei Streets Cape Verde Islands120msejenkinsSal Rei Streets Cape Verde IslandsCape Verde Beauty and Culture96msejenkinsCape Verde Beauty and CultureFood and Lodging in Cape Verde99msejenkinsFood and Lodging in Cape VerdeBanana Harvest112AmyJoyBanana HarvestAnd where is the photographer?48KatinkaGardenerAnd where is the photographer?Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar Safari Vacation96msejenkinsNorthern Tanzania and Zanzibar Safari VacationKilimanjaro Elephant - Tanzania88msejenkinsKilimanjaro Elephant - TanzaniaSerengeti Plains in Tanzania100msejenkinsSerengeti Plains in TanzaniaZanzibar Island tourism Tanzania96msejenkinsZanzibar Island tourism TanzaniaThe Zanzibar in Tanzania70msejenkinsThe Zanzibar in TanzaniaHave a Kenya Safari and Zanzibar Beach Honeymoon in Tanzania88msejenkinsHave a Kenya Safari and Zanzibar Beach Honeymoon in TanzaniaGiraffe And Acacia inSerengeti Tanzania77msejenkinsGiraffe And Acacia inSerengeti TanzaniaZebras and baby - African safari70GranabellaZebras and baby - African safariAnse Source D'Argent, Seychelles28StacheoAnse Source D'Argent, SeychellesGiraffe - safari @ Tembe, Africa72GranabellaGiraffe - safari @ Tembe, Africa