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Pangolins are found in Sudan77msejenkinsPangolins are found in SudanAfrican Wild dogs35BugsbunnyAfrican Wild dogsColorful Homes Bo-Kaap Cape Town Africa96gamtnwxColorful Homes Bo-Kaap Cape Town AfricaCheetah ~ Tsavo72teacherdiverCheetah ~ TsavoWhere's my dinner?60leoleobobeoWhere's my dinner?Football in the Democratic Republic of the Congo120msejenkinsFootball in the Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo is lush and fertile128msejenkinsDemocratic Republic of the Congo is lush and fertileJacana Africana found in Gabon198msejenkinsJacana Africana found in GabonLion32bubusLionBlack-bellied seedcracker from Gabon182msejenkinsBlack-bellied seedcracker from GabonAfrican Pied Wagtail Makokou Gabon99msejenkinsAfrican Pied Wagtail Makokou GabonYellow-Crowned Bishop of Gabon126msejenkinsYellow-Crowned Bishop of GabonColor Umbrellas112jujuj96Color UmbrellasWine Tasting at Birkenhead Brewery South Africa104msejenkinsWine Tasting at Birkenhead Brewery South AfricaSouth Africa Simonsberg Vineyards108msejenkinsSouth Africa Simonsberg VineyardsSouth Africa Wines70msejenkinsSouth Africa WinesHarvesting of grapes Stellenbosch South Africa108msejenkinsHarvesting of grapes Stellenbosch South AfricaPeinture90eridanePeintureSeychelles Airport99msejenkinsSeychelles AirportSeychelles Mahe Waterfall Big80msejenkinsSeychelles Mahe Waterfall BigMali Africa House180msejenkinsMali Africa HouseBeautiful Mali Africa Landscape120msejenkinsBeautiful Mali Africa LandscapeKilimangiaro - Kenia48occhiverdiKilimangiaro - KeniaToothy ostrich150Cat120Toothy ostrich