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Bumble bee90romanticangieBumble beeSunset128AngelicamaySunsetPOTW summer fun cruising for ice cream at Buttonwoods Farm32DanMoriartyPOTW summer fun cruising for ice cream at Buttonwoods FarmGolden Gate Bridge by morning light  (San Francisco, CA)72swreaderGolden Gate Bridge by morning light (San Francisco, CA)Seaside Town at Night180gamtnwxSeaside Town at NightOlive Warbler - Mt Lemmon, Tucson, AZ45swreaderOlive Warbler - Mt Lemmon, Tucson, AZCape Hatteras Lighthouse at Dusk160gamtnwxCape Hatteras Lighthouse at DuskMiami Skyline160gamtnwxMiami SkylineHallstatt at Night160gamtnwxHallstatt at NightEvening at the Lake60Evening at the LakeDicks Creek Falls54AmyJoyDicks Creek FallsBaby Turtle in a Creek60AmyJoyBaby Turtle in a CreekSo Many Trillium on Jarrods Gap Trail60AmyJoySo Many Trillium on Jarrods Gap TrailMile 0025 View From Ramrock Mountain150AmyJoyMile 0025 View From Ramrock MountainGeorgia Black Salamander54AmyJoyGeorgia Black SalamanderWhat Goes Up Must Come Down54AmyJoyWhat Goes Up Must Come DownSpider in the Spring-water54AmyJoySpider in the Spring-waterMile 0002 Stover Creek Shelter48AmyJoyMile 0002 Stover Creek ShelterMile 0000 Georgia Springer Mountain150AmyJoyMile 0000 Georgia Springer MountainGeorgia Springer Mountain Stairway48AmyJoyGeorgia Springer Mountain StairwayHorseshoe Falls at Night204gamtnwxHorseshoe Falls at NightLook at me12hlinikLook at me11350902_10205364108835005_7484447361120755953_n170rb2235411350902_10205364108835005_7484447361120755953_nEnhanced-buzz-wide-30119-1401806855-27160rb22354Enhanced-buzz-wide-30119-1401806855-27