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020860hqwhqw0208Mini Cows...cute or not110grannycjMini Cows...cute or notCat on lawn railroad tie gpty5ryi2w-4143woeboCat on lawn railroad tie gpty5ryi2w-4Kitty and red flowers g748h32dk-2144woeboKitty and red flowers g748h32dk-2Cat face desk n781bo-3140woeboCat face desk n781bo-3My Cave!!36LavenderRoseMy Cave!!I like Autumn! c40LavenderRoseI like Autumn! cHere comes another one!6LavenderRoseHere comes another one!Fido Loving the Autumn Sun35LavenderRoseFido Loving the Autumn SunChew'em All Up!28LavenderRoseChew'em All Up!Good Place for a Nap24LavenderRoseGood Place for a NapPet Horse24SayutskaPet HorseWolf mom and her baby60SayutskaWolf mom and her babyUnited Family20SayutskaUnited FamilyLook at my babies!!!49SayutskaLook at my babies!!!Hugging Cats49SayutskaHugging CatsHug Me63SayutskaHug MeAdorable Bunny35LavenderRoseAdorable BunnyFriendship6SayutskaFriendshipAutumn- Bears in River48LavenderRoseAutumn- Bears in RiverOrange kitten299nobody0Orange kitten2Orange kitten196nobody0Orange kitten1IMG_1619117IMG_1619Relaxing49SayutskaRelaxing