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Faster than a kiss220beccavictoriaFaster than a kissNight Dragon98Night DragonWaterfall on the "River of 5 colors"  in Columbia60swreaderWaterfall on the "River of 5 colors" in ColumbiaIt is time to book my plane ticket!35heringIt is time to book my plane ticket!SDC1028435SDC1028410620263_1582087252021800_4701446186495066753_o40mamie451710620263_1582087252021800_4701446186495066753_oSINGING SNOWPEOPLE70TrishaLeeSINGING SNOWPEOPLE#Tree Built From Half a Million Lego Bricks Melbourne Australia6Kaboomer#Tree Built From Half a Million Lego Bricks Melbourne Australia9543..It's a blue Christmas300poisonivy609543..It's a blue ChristmasHave a wonderful Christmas6RiverPlateHave a wonderful ChristmasAnna and Elsa180FairyCutie86Anna and Elsaadirondacks in heaven6StaceyB302adirondacks in heavenAurora Borealis Over a Snowy Landscape98gamtnwxAurora Borealis Over a Snowy LandscapeA BEAUTIFUL FAMILY TRADITION54TrishaLeeA BEAUTIFUL FAMILY TRADITIONA White Christmas 196gamtnwxA White Christmas 1Kitten32KittenOnce Upon A Time S5 Cast180FairyCutie86Once Upon A Time S5 CastBee in a blanket flower36CarolannmoBee in a blanket flowerSnow and Charming204FairyCutie86Snow and CharmingOUAT Cast 1200FairyCutie86OUAT Cast 1Santa and a Sleigh99gamtnwxSanta and a SleighA Frozen Castle108kelleylA Frozen CastleWoman108textea83Woman11224211_915625538514673_3146677212047427475_n289SandyIngle11224211_915625538514673_3146677212047427475_n