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Suset-drive-in99TrishaLeeSuset-drive-in50's-Diner98TrishaLee50's-DinerSLOW NIGHT AT THE DINER...96TrishaLeeSLOW NIGHT AT THE DINER...CHAPPEYS DINER AND A PRETTY LITTLE VET..99TrishaLeeCHAPPEYS DINER AND A PRETTY LITTLE VET..CHERRY RED WINGS...99TrishaLeeCHERRY RED WINGS...toy shop150JeanBtoy shop50's Cafe136sweetlittlesixteen50's Cafe50's Dinner USA120sweetlittlesixteen50's Dinner USARR Xing 1954160JeanBRR Xing 1954happiness is...168JeanBhappiness is...trucks scene, 1952165JeanBtrucks scene, 1952refrigerator contents180JeanBrefrigerator contentsUSS Nautilus in New York35GioconnoConnoUSS Nautilus in New YorkGlory Days98ZadokGlory Daysfall carnival168JeanBfall carnivalmom's too busy180JeanBmom's too busy50s pin up au35AliciadelCanto50s pin up auwe once got meals180JeanBwe once got meals50s pin up zu36AliciadelCanto50s pin up zu50s pin up jo35AliciadelCanto50s pin up jo50s pin up dp35AliciadelCanto50s pin up dpChic35AliciadelCantoChic50s pin up ma35AliciadelCanto50s pin up marecords aka vinyl180JeanBrecords aka vinyl