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Simpson's Twin peaks200NymaiSimpson's Twin peaksThe great northern hotel77nioinThe great northern hotel" The owls are not what they seem "72nioin" The owls are not what they seem "Bob72nioinBobCooper & Truman70nioinCooper & TrumanMaddy70nioinMaddyWindom captures Annie70nioinWindom captures AnnieMaddy60nioinMaddy"the Twin Peaks bird"77nioin"the Twin Peaks bird"Pete going fishing60nioinPete going fishingIn the beginning70nioinIn the beginning" Missing since 1991 "96nioin" Missing since 1991 "Double R diner77nioinDouble R dinerAudrey70nioinAudreyTruman & Cooper70nioinTruman & CooperMaddy & Donna at Harold's70nioinMaddy & Donna at Harold'sLaura70nioinLauraLaura120nioinLauraAudrey & Cooper70nioinAudrey & CooperMaddy70nioinMaddyTruman, Cooper, Jacoby70nioinTruman, Cooper, JacobyLaura in black lodge70nioinLaura in black lodgeSarah & Maddy70nioinSarah & MaddyDonna, Audrey, Shelly (magazine cover shoot 1990)80nioinDonna, Audrey, Shelly (magazine cover shoot 1990)