I cannot play any puzzle, it does not work. Is there a solution?

  • Update your browser.
  • Try to disable all extensions in your browser:
    • Chrome: disable extensions in the Chrome menu->More tools->Extensions
    • Internet Explorer: to disable all add-ons temporarily, run the browser by:
           Windows Start button->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)
    • Firefox: disable extensions in the Firefox menu->Add-ons->Extensions
    • Safari: see this article
    Please send us a name of the problematic extension, thank you.

If you have still the problem:

  1. Go to the problematic web page.
  2. Open a console:
    • Chrome: Chrome menu->Tools->JavaScript console (or press Ctrl+Shift+J)
    • Internet Explorer: Tools->Developers tools (or press F12)
    • Firefox: Firefox menu->Web developer->Web console (or press Ctrl+Shift+K)
  3. Reload the problematic web page.
  4. Do it, what causes your problem (e.g. if moving pieces does not work, then attempt to move a piece).
  5. And send us copy of the screen (screenshot) or copy of the console.

I have played a puzzle and I have completed it as far as possible (99%) because there was one piece missing. Is it possible?

The piece is certainly there but it can be overlapped by the image preview window or other pieces of the puzzle. Try to look under these objects by mouse dragging.

When I click on a jigsaw to play it, a page comes up saying the required "plug-in is not installed" or "applet not found". What does it mean?

You use an older browser and need Java to play puzzles, install Java. Or rather install a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox 4+, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari 5+), then you will not need any plug-ins.

What does the small square in the right top corner of the puzzle preview mean?

It is called "menu trigger" and it is used to access some operations with puzzles such as playing, sharing, moving, deleting, changing properties of your private of public puzzles... Some operations can be done only if you are author or signed in.

How can I change properties of created puzzles?

Focus on the right top corner of the puzzle preview and select Properties in the context menu. You can change the number of pieces, shapes, rotation etc. But you are not allowed to change this setting on the puzzles which was created by other users, you can change just your own public or private puzzles.

I made a puzzle and then I decided to delete it. Can I do it?

If you want to delete your puzzle, focus on the right top corner of the puzzle preview (there is a small square) and select Delete.

What is the difference between private and public puzzles and how can I move some of my public puzzles to my private?

Your private puzzles are not available to other users. These puzzles can be seen and played only by you. While public puzzles are available for everyone and are displayed in the Explore. Every public puzzle can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or embedded on websites.
To move your public puzzle, focus on the menu trigger, choose Move and select a private album. If you do not have any private album, you can create it on the Mes puzzles page.

Can I see puzzles made by other users?

Yes, you can. When you know their username, visit www.jigsawplanet.com/USERNAME to show all their public puzzles (e.g. if the user has username John, you should visit www.jigsawplanet.com/John). Or you can focus on the small "head" under the image. You will see all the user's public puzzles.

Why are some of the pictures grayed out?

Such a picture is inconsistent with Conditions d'Utilisation and it is not possible to share it. It is visible only to you and can be used only for your private purposes. It is not displayed to other users.

Several Tips:

  • Grayed out puzzle: it is not visible for other users. Copy it to a private album and the grayness will disappear.
  • Grayed out profile photo: the photo is not visible for other users as well. Please replace it.
  • Grayed out cover albums: others will not see it, set up a new cover photo at your album.

I found a puzzle with two upper left hand corners. What is it?

The puzzle contains randomly rotated pieces, it is more difficult. Read the Game Help to find out how to rotate pieces.

Is it possible instantly to modify (shape, rotation, number of pieces) a puzzle?

Yes, use the puzzle context menu->Play As->Custom...

Also you can modify address of a play page, add the following name/value pair(s) to the address:

rotation0 or 1
pieces4..300, nearest possible value is used
savegame0 (do not save/load a game) or 1 (save/load a game), use this pair, if you need to avoid saving/loading of an unfinished game, e.g. it is useful for teaching, if students share one computer.

An example: http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=18169d6d064f&shape=0&rotation=1&pieces=24

How can I send the message to another user?

  • Go to profile page of this user (www.jigsawplanet.com/USERNAME).
  • The Message button is under the picture of the user.
  • Click the button.
  • The dialog box to write the message will be shown.
  • Write the message and click Send.

Some users have the Message button disabled. Why?

These users don't wish to receive messages.

I don't want to receive messages.

  • Go to Paramètres.
  • Choose the option which best suits you.

Can I block some concrete user?

No. This function is not accessible yet.

One user bothers me. Can I do something?

Yes. Tell us about this? Users, that write spams and tiresome messages, we will block.

POTW Rules

The challenge named "Puzzle of the week" will be running every week. If you want to participate, follow the rules below:
  1. You need to be signed in.
  2. Only new created puzzles can be include to the challenge.
  3. The content of the picture needs to be corresponding with the theme of the week, which you will be able to find out from our Facebook page.
  4. The puzzle needs to be tagged by the "POTW" tag. Of course, you can also use other tags for competition puzzles.
  5. Compliance with our "Tips for Creating the Perfect Puzzles" will increase your success for the win.
  6. Each user can enter as many puzzles as they want.
  7. The winner will be chosen by the Jigsaw Planet team according to our favourite and announced to our Facebook page.
Good Luck!


If you have any suggestions, complaints or questions, contact us.